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She sat down awkwardly. Then the young girl knocked, and with Susan's approval she entered. Susan rose to greet the young lady. She could hardly maintain her balance though, nor gather her thoughts to even utter a word. This girl was simply stunning, by anyone's imagination. Susan had never been graced by such unequalled beauty from a woman before. Only eighteen, yet so tall! The applicant was atleast five foot ten inches tall, with a slender, captivating body and long sexy legs. She was tanned and had long blond flowing hair. Her face seemed perfect to Susan, unimaginable even. Her lips appeared very sexy. Her skin looked soft, very smooth and tempting to touch. The applicant wore a very formal, conservative type of suit. She smiled somewhat innocently. . That's when I noticed that she had gotten out my toys and placed them beside us on the king size bed. I reached over and got out the long whip. "Get down there and eat me!" I commanded. I propped myself up against a mound of pillows and spread my legs wide. Alexia crawled down between my legs and stated probing her tongue between the folds of my pussy. Her ass was stuck straight up in the air. I heard her whisper softly but urgently, "Spank me." My whip was just long enough so that when I flicked it, it struck her ass dead on. She jumped and moaned into my pussy. I flicked it again. She moaned louder and stuck her face deeper into my cunt. . REAL GIRLS WHO LOVE SHOWING OFF IN THEIR PANTIES!PANTY PEEKS, UPSKIRTS, AND PANTY MASTURBATION!

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